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CNC Civil Services team has strong  background with big success on permitting with federal, state, and local regulatory offices. We are fully aware of the agencies' permitting process which enables us to complete projects on time. Our services include, but not limited to:

District of Columbia

  • DDOT Construction Permit

  • DDOT Occupancy Permit

  • DDOT Public Space Permit

  • DC Water Utility Permit

  • DOEE Permits

Montgomery County and Prince George's County

  • Land Use Permits

  • Well & Septic Permits

  • Right of Way Permits

  • Water Resources Permits

  • WSSC Site Utility Permit

  • WSSC System Extension Permit

State of Maryland and Federal Agencies

  • MDE and USACE Joint Permit Application

  • NPDES / NOI Permit

  • State Highway Access Permit

  • State Highway Office District Permit

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