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Site / Civil Engineering


CNC Civil Services, LLC provides multidiscipline civil and environmental engineering services in the Baltimore / Washington Metropolitan Area with 20+ years of experience. Our clients include the Federal Government, State of Maryland, District of Columbia, local government agencies, energy companies, developers, construction firms, other engineering firms and individuals. CNC Civil Services is fully licensed and insured in Maryland and District of Columbia. Our philosophy is focused on high quality services with sound engineering solutions while developing long-term relationships with our clients.


Site Engineering / Land Development

Our staff has the extensive knowledge and experience to provide our clients with the highest quality civil / site engineering and land development service for various size and complexity projects.

Erosion & Sediment Control

Our engineering team has proven knowledge and experience on the state and district regulations as well as local inspector's expectations for erosion and sediment control during construction. Our certified professionals in erosion and sediment control (CPESC) are fully capable of providing the most practical and sound solutions in this regard. 

Floodplain Studies

We provide high level engineering and consultation on dam break analysis, flood hazard analysis, feasibility studies, flood risk management, flood mitigation plans, watershed assessments, Hec-RAS modeling, FEMA Map revisions.  

Roadway and Storm Drain Design

CNC Civil Services has full familiarity with the Federal, State, and local jurisdictions roadway and drainage design criteria as well as their standards and specifications. Our teams is highly experienced in applying the standard policies and procedures regarding the hydrologic analysis and hydraulic design requirements of access and utility permit applications for work within and adjacent to roadways and facilities.

Utility Design

CNC Civil Services provides a broad range of utility design including coordination of different type of underground utilities, design of storm drain, water distribution, wastewater collection, and maintenance of utilities.

Construction Administration

CNC Civil Services provides a wide range of Construction Management Services from bidding phase to project closeout. Our services include constructability reviews, inspection of utilities and facilities, material testing, maintaining construction schedule, and utilizing miscellaneous construction management software. 

Water Resources Engineering

It is getting more difficult to protect and sustain clean water every day. Our staff has great understanding of what federal, state, and local governments expect when it comes to preservation of our water resources. Our expertise include hydrology, hydraulics, water quality, and green infrastructure.   

Stormwater Management

CNC Civil Services is a known expert on planning and design of stormwater management facilities based on location, existing condition, constructability, and budget. Our ongoing coordination with agencies has given us great idea on the expectation of local municipalities. Our professional team has significant expertise on the design of structural and non-structural Best Management Practices, Environmental Site Design to Maximum Extent Practicable, Low Impact Development, and Green Stormwater Infrastructure.

Coastal / Marine Engineering

CNC Civil Services administers all coastal projects for coastal restoration and shoreline protection with innovative solutions. Our team develops all required environmental documents and evaluate technical documents as required. We have full capability for coastal hazards analysis and hydrodynamics modeling for various processes. 

Transportation / Traffic Control

CNC Civil Services provides innovative solutions and develop fully applicable plans when it comes to transporation and traffic design. Our experience with local jurisdictions enables us to deliver the fastest and most economical plans, and retrieve timely permits.

Budget Management / Value Analysis

Our experience team is ready to discuss our clients' future project needs, and support with value engineering to assist them with budget preparation for their investments.

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